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    Extreme Newbie needs advise

    Im looking to sell local business a complete package, hosting & design.
    I know very little to nothing about dns, cpanel, whm etc and would rather not go thru the learning curve. Who do I use to buy a reseller pkg that will do more than the 99% out there that just set ya up and let ya go? I have Hostgator now but Im lost.
    Thank you in advance.

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    I believe any host with good customer service will help you make change every setting to just how you like them...
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    Originally posted by freak
    I believe any host with good customer service will help you make change every setting to just how you like them...
    This is true. Majority of hosts will be more than happy to assist you. We have 2 or 3 clients which do exactly what you are planning to do. We helped them get set-up and running and explained everything they didn't understand. In return, their success lead to upgrading of packages and also new clients which was nice

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    If you don't understand something just shoot us off an email, phone call, or even message a tech on chat. We can only help you if you let us. Stealthdevil is absolutely right; our success isn't from ignoring people.

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    Asking questions to the host might be a good solution. Check if your web host offers a support forum. You can talk to other clients and gets environment specific advise. Reading through the forums here will also help you to get up to speed.
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    A lot of clients find it useful to first as a few pre-sales questions and see how long support takes to respond. If they respond quickly, the same level of service is expected after the sale. Asking the right pre-sale questions also gives you an idea to what extent the company will support you when after you signed up.
    Another consideration is the control panel. See if the hosting company provides a major control panel interface, such as Plesk or cPanel and then test that control panel by going to the developer's web site. They often provide demo accounts so you can try out their software online. If you feel comfortable with the control panel environment, which is usually quite intuitive, you won't rely on tech support so much. Control panels are usually designed for non-technical webmasters and admins and such.
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    Well what exactly are you looking for, how much disk, bandwidth etc.. well at least approximately.

    If you want we could help you out, i know a very reputable advertising company (founded 1991), that does ALL sort of things from Ad's to Webdevelopment, banner, Logo designing, ....., etc...

    If you're interested e-mail me, and ill get you in contact with them.

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