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    Totally confused!

    I started a vbulletin board three years ago. Everything was going just fine when, and after 14 months, the hosting provider suddenly disappeared from the cyber world!. I then listened to the 'experts advice' and picked another provider. A month ago, problems started and eventually, I had to shut the forum down while searching for a new provider.

    Back then, it was so easy to pick the provider as I was establishing the board from scratch. Now, with a 350M database, 2000 registered users (50 users online on average), and an average of 1G daily bandwidth, it became more difficult for me to find a decent host within my budget ($20 max). To tell the truth, I wrote I spent over a week now writing to 'recommended' providers but most have refused to accept hosting vbulletin board with such capacity. Some have advised me to convert it to PHPbb so I started testing it and found it way far to look and feel like vbulletin.

    To conclude, is that it - go dedicated or just keep the board closed?

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    Try puting some ads on the site to give you some money for hosting... Google Adsense?

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    Yeah ads are a good way to get money, maybe offer platium membership like WHT.

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    You can go VPS for $50.00 a month and that is for a fully managed set up at ServInt. That is a lot less expensive than a full dedicated server and you don't have to be a system administrator to do it...

    I know $50 is more than your budget but it's also less than dedicated and better than keeping your forum offline...

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    any site with that kind of utilization should be making money not costing money. Perhaps you should take in a partner who will maximize the revenue ability for you.

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