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    Post Looking to buy Web Hosting Companies or their Clients

    Hello to everyone!

    My name is Kevin Carroll from Grand Canyon Web Design and Hosting. We are currently looking to buy out small to large web hosting firms. We are willing to pay each company for there clients or their entire company. Prices we will pay vary depending on how many clients each company has and what there monthly/annual profit is. If you are interested in selling your company or clients to great web hosting home please email me at [email protected] or reply to this thread. I would be happy to speak with you.

    Thank you

    Kevin Carroll
    Grand Canyon Web Design And Hosting

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    Just a suggestion for your thread / idea gcwd. Each hosting company is diffrent as you know so they might nto have a profit, but may have a substantial ammount of money coming in . Just think you would like to re word your thread, so people don't get the wrong idea.

    Good Luck,

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