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    Looking for sales people..Get 50% of what you sell

    Please pm me if you are serious. I have been offering this for over a year so far and I have been very successfull.

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    You only have 1 post, no one can PM you.

    Brendan Diaz

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    And what do you sell?

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    Yep.... at least if you want sales people you gotta spend some time to type up the information... Im making a wild guess and say its for your hosting company in your profile

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    Straight from the site, so may not be a typical sales commission deal.
    Olean Web Hosting is pleased to announce a way for you to make a little extra money. Olean Web Hosting has made it very easy for you to resell our web services. How easy is it? Very Easy.

    We sell our basic website for $10/month or cheaper if we need to match a price. Whatever you sell I will give you 50%!!!. That is right 50%!!!!!. All you need to do is sell the web hosting.

    Imagine the money you could make. For example if you had sold 100 websites for $10/month that is $1000. You would make $500 a month. This would be every month. And once you have sold the website you are basically done with the customer. So every month you would receive that check for $500 with little effort!!!!!.

    With the cheapest web hosting in the area we are not a hard sell. We will match any price in the area. We are determined to be the best and the cheapest web host in the area. If you are interested in reselling our Web Services please e-mail [email protected]


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    It is a typical sales deal. What ever you sell I will give you 50%. No gimmicks or you have to sell this many sites to get the 50%. This offer does not expire. I am doing this is because I dont want to have to sell. I am real busy with my day job as a network administrator, plus a few side jobs I have.

    I can offer the 50% commision becuase my server costs are already covered. I am not looking to make a killing here in the hosting business, I am just looking to make a few bucks.

    This offer is as simple as I can make it. Whatever you sell I will give you 50% of. Every sale you make as soon as I get the money I will paypal you 50% of that. There is no waiting till you get a certain $$ amount saved up. As soon as I get paid you get paid.

    This has worked great locally for me. I have 8 resellers locally. I got on this forum and I thought I would try to push it more online.
    Since I cant get pm's yet, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]. Thank you

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