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    Seeking $5+ Jobs. Odds and Ends to Almost anything.


    I'm currently looking for odds and ends type of jobs to do almost anything.

    Adobe Photoshop 7.0+ - 3 Years
    Php and mySQL - 1 Year
    Macromedia Flash - 2 Years
    CSS and HTML - 5 Years

    Jobs Seeking:
    Graphic Design - Price Varies
    Website Design - Price Varies
    Php and mySQL - Price Varies
    Flash Incorporation - Ad Banners $15, Other Price Varies
    CSS and HTML ( Slicing and Coding ) - $5-20 Depending on size.
    Forum Customization - Price Varies

    If you have any questions about any jobs you need done not on the list or on the list, then please contact me via information in my signature or email me through this board.

    Best Regards,
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    Email me through this board!
    Why? So my email isn't harvested!

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    Would you be interested in being a sales agent? high % of all the customers monthly payments...

    PM me if your interested...

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