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    need an iis guru smarter than me

    I will be as detailed as posible and as short as posible at same time..

    windows 2003 server
    iis 6.0 and dns on same machine
    around ten sites

    when set up I left the default site alone and just used host headers on all of the sites.

    Now I need ssl on some of them.

    purchased 7 ip addresses
    went to tcpip properties and added the ip addresses to the nic card.

    went to mmc and changed all websites to point to origional ip address and continue useing host headers. (they were on all unassigned )

    Took one website for testing and pointed to a new ip address.

    when trying to go to website I get the default under construction page that is in inetpub folder, website root is pointed to a different folder though.

    I can change the ip address back to the origional and everything is fine.

    Any ideas?

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    Host Headers Are Not Supported When You Use SSL. Please have a look in this article,



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    I am aware of this, This is the whole reason I purchased the 7 ip addresses and pointed the websites to them.

    I just want to deal with one website first (for a test) so I pointed all of the sites to 1 ip and took one site and gave it its own ip.

    When I give the website its own ip address I get rerouted to the default windows under construction page (before I ever implement ssl) Have not even touched the ssl part yet. Just trying to set up the multiple ip addresses.

    The site is going to the inetpub folder like default website.

    IIS is not realizing that the ip address is suppost to go to the website that I set up

    I read an article about iis binding to all ip addresses so I used httpcfg set iplisten and the problem is still not fixed.

    I am about lost on this one now.

    Any help would be great! I do not have much longer to get this thing done.


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    I can help if you wish, do you have winVNC installed on your machine for remote access?

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    been gone for a few days,,, sorry,

    Yes I have terminal service installed but to be honest I do not feel comfortable just letting somebody waltz right into my server... however I do need the help.

    please reply

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    that is why I said something like free desktop sharing program, that way you can monitor what is going on at all times and uninstall it when finished.

    I will write you up a tutorial and some things to check and post it here by tomorrow. I have a client that is experiencing some issues with a colo server so I dont have much time right at the moment.

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    thats cool, if it would be easier for me to get vnc and install it than for you to make a tutorial then i will, otherwise I will be looking fowar to it.

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    its odd,,, after I changed all domains to 1 specific ip address instead of using all unassigned, everything seemed to work fine,,, after a day or two I realized the server was doing hokey stuff. the www host headers would stop working randomly.

    Some websites would let me go through using www and some would not. the websites that would quit working would still work fine just typeing

    I tried enabling socket pooling with adsutil and turning on iplisten with httpcfg and that did not help.

    So for now I turned iplisten back off disabled socket pooling and changed all of the sites back to all unasigned.

    I am stumped

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    Check your DNS server and see which IP you domain pointing to. Make sure the same IP was used on IIS as well.
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    Don't use "all unassigned" this will definitely mess things up. Use one IP for all "shared" sites.

    For a site with a dedicated IP address you don't need any host headers.
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    ok all of the websites are pointed to a main ip address and using host headers.

    I took one website and pointed it to its own ip address and took out the host headers. modified dns to have the host and cname for www point to the new ip address,,, dns is on same machine and it listens on all ip addresses for dns queries.

    website works fine when typed as

    but www still tries to go to origional address.

    Tried this with two or three sites... all have the same affect. I can not get the www to work.

    I can change the cname to other ip addresses and I can tell imediatly that it has been changed but the www does not work, just goes to orig ip address,,, I do not know if it is a dns prob or a iis prob now...

    augh the confusion

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    have you add on domain header as well?
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    tried that.

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    ok here was the problem work around,,, I do not know why this is happening but the cname alias will not work,,, I can create a www alias and it goes to the default ip address,, the only reason I can think of is that it is resolving the to the ip address I have set up with my registar...

    So i deleted the alias and created a second host and named it www and everything worked fine...

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