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    JVM Problem on Linux Box

    First of all, let me tell you about my linux box.

    It's about two months old from FastServers.

    Intel Celeron 2.4Ghz
    512 MB Ram
    80GB Hard Drive
    etc... etc...

    We're using the software called "JPS Client" to process eChecks, this requires JVM to be installed on the server to work.

    For about two weeks, initially when we ran the software while it was integrated with the website, it worked 100%

    It also worked for about 2 months on my old box which was a

    Intel Pentium 3 1000GHZ
    1GB Ram
    80GB Hard Drive

    It still worked, but we switched to a new one (the celeron 2.4)

    Anyways, after we did some RedHat/CPanel updates on the new box, the JVM or JPS Client??? Didn't seem to work.

    This is the error we now get:

    "Could not reserve enough space for object heap"

    I've asked about 10 people so far, including the developer of the website, and my server admin and even FastServers, but no one knows what this problem is, or how it was caused.


    That's the link for the JPS Client install

    I don't know if that'll help, but take a look.

    If there is anyone who can fix this problem, or can advise what to d, that'd be great.

    Posting here would be good, also post your email/msn/aim is possible

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    Are you working with very large objects? That error message sounds like you may need to increase the amount of memory java limits itself to. Sometimes it also means that a recursive function has recursed too much, though the error is usually something else.

    send an email my way if you'd like. Just use the email button below.

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    This may be better posted in the technical/security issues forum unless you are looking to pay someone to work on this for you.

    I'll take a stab here though, take a look in $PSCLIENT/bin/ (where $PSCLIENT is the jpsclient install dir.) and look for a line similar to $PATHTOJAVA/bin/java -mx1000m. That would be setting the JVM's max heap size to 1000 MB. This wouldn't work for you because you only have 512MB ram. It could also be set lower but your machine doesn't have enough free memory when you try to run the client.

    I hope that might point you in the right direction.
    Jacob Turner -- Ringnebula Systems
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    Exactly... and much more descriptive than my post.

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    Thanks everyone! for your help.

    MODS can you move this to the "Technical & Security Issues" please?

    And then am I allowed posting a new thread with some ads? I've just acquired a bunch of things to sell, websites, domains, etc...


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