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    Good CP software for non-resellers?

    This has been asked before, but it's been a while and the answers may be different now, so I decided to ask..

    I'm about to plunk down for a VPS and would like some good control panel software. I'm not a reseller, just a poweruser who wanted root access on his own site (I run 2 PhpBB's, a blog, and want an IMAP server and 'horde' next).

    What is the preferred package(s) for somone who just wants convenient access to the tedious stuff? (Yes, I can do it all manually - have 15 years of unix/linux/sunos/aix experience, but want a central admin point to save time)... Most of what I've seen seems oriented toward hosters/resellers

    If there are choices, I'd lean toward "complete" rather than "easy". I'll probably be getting a Debian service, if not, then redhat.


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    You should try webmin, it's free, reliable, kinda secure (but hey, you will be the only user so you can switch ports and even add an IPtables rule so that it does only allow you to connect from your IP).
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    Webmin is 100% free, and completely easy to use. I find it to be very reliable.

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    Yeah of course as SEAT i and cybexhost1 suggested,Webmin is easy to use & also you can import lot of modules for maintaining your servers.



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    If you are looking for something that will do a bit more than webmin, you might want to consider Directadmin. It does support reseller features which you obviously don't need, but it is a very nice and clean control panel that is simple to use and is very straightforward. Try the power user skin - everything you need right on one screen, and it's fast. That I guess would be my biggest beef with webmin, is that it's just slow.
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    Thanks all, for the input. I will check both Webmin and DirectAdmin out. from the looks of it, though, DirectAdmin is only available in a monthly fee sort of model? Or do they make a non-reseller or "lite" version that costs less?

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    DirectAdmin is available for a one time fee of $300. It's definitely worth it .

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