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    * Large scale project requires programmers


    A partner and I are starting a web site, a virtual pets web site. With nearly 85 million people who have expressed intrest in virtual pet sites, the market is huge, and is waiting to make money.

    I am going to handle the marketing area of the site including planning it. A layout, domain, logo, and hosting have already been taken care of.

    The web site would have an advanced administrative system to cut down costs in the long run, a good frontend system, and several control panels for game designers, artists, as well as support staff.

    The project is large, but there is time (a year for completion).

    My partner is more technical than I am (not saying much) and will be providing you, the programmer with assitance. You and him will discuss the site from a technical standpoint.

    Pay will be a percentage of the company, and its future profits at first. There will be checkpoint bonuses (when you reach a certain point). If you are intrested I suggest contacting me, its a great oppurtunity and an even better thing to add to an expanding programming portfolio.

    Email: [email protected]
    AIM, MSN, ICQ, and Yahoo! upon request via email.
    NO PMS!


    Douglas H.

    Tech Related:

    Programming would be done in PHP and MySQL. Most recent versions of both are on the server which runs Linux.

    Programming will be module based to ease adding content, so anyone who's devloped a site script like PHP Nuke, etc. would be an ideal canidate.

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    You sound very interesting. I am interested in this project. I would like to negotiate with you on AIM. Please contact me on AIM with shredder112233. Thanks.

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