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Thread: Cpanel For BSD

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    Cpanel For BSD


    I know you can buy cpanel for different systems, but my question is:

    If I would buy Cpanel for Linux, would I be able to install it on FreeBSD box that has linux base support?

    Please answer my question.
    Thank You

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    What do you mean by it has a linux base system?

    cPanel does work on FreeBSD ( last time it was rather choppy ), a list of supported OS's can be found on cPanel's web site:

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    There is a thing colled linux base that enables to run linux software and stuff and I was being curious if ut would handle cpanel.

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    I don't know if it will run, but however you can download the FreeBSD version of cpanel and use your existing license (at least that's what I know about their licensing scheme).
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    Did some one say choppy

    We have done now three installs of Freebsd and cpanel.

    Once we find the perfect verison we will image the drive

    At the moment testing to put it nicely.

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    I have cPanel on a FreeBSD 5.1 box; no problems (did have one crash when I first got the server; can't really remember the details of it, though). Second one on v5.2 with no problems, so far. I would like to say that cPanel has gone far under FreeBSD. I prefer it over linux.

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