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    Advertise on ************ FREE HOSTING NETWORK!

    Now You have the option of goining our ever growing FREE Hosting network.... We Plan on getting 200FREE members by the end of April! You can advertise on the the top of the pages! Rotation is 20AD's so your ad will be seen.
    UNLIMITED CLICK AND VIEWS for $20 monthly!

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    I'm lost... what is your website? Looks like a hosting company to me...

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    His 'company' offers free hosting as well as paid hosting. The advertising offer is in banner rotation on top of the free customers' webpages. Unfortunately he gave no stats or other reasons for wanting to buy the space.
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    20:1 ratio for $20 a month? thats not really that good, how ever we dont know how many hits ur getting

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    Well I can assure that we get many clients daily
    Clients Also have to work hard in getting at least 50MB in hits monthly...
    So lets each client gets you 300CLICK monthly times current 20clients we have in free area - you get upto 30000 clicks!

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