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    Impact Fusion: New Site~New Forums

    Hey guys, still kind of new to the "website designing" if you will, but not new to designing graphics...and this is my latest website that i have made...rather simple but i'd still like your opinions. is the url...although im not the most experienced at website designing, i do have some members that are and we will be working on a new site soon. Thanks for the comments ahead of time.

    P.S. Maybe commenting on my gallery site would be cool too :-) Thanks again.

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    site took a while to load
    the font you used is bad.
    Why did you make the whole site an image?
    Why did you not use text with a background?
    How are you going to update it/make it dynamic?
    Forum has a nice logo, but the rest of it is kind of dark.

    I like your gallery.
    Nice work!
    Awesome sigs.
    How much do you charge for making sigs? [PM me]

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    The green on green scroll bars have got to go. If my browser wasn't already widen, I never would have known there was a right column.

    Plus, I agree. The site took too long to load for a forum. And why is everything a graphic?
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