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    *WHT Special for Targeted Visitors

    I'm running a special for WHT Members only.

    Targeted visitors from Endless Visitors.

    Our rate is discounted by fifty cents for every thousand visitors you order.

    $15.00 per 5,000 Targeted Visitors - That's $2.50 off the regular price.
    $30 per 10,000 Targeted Visitors - That's a $5.00 savings off the regular price.

    All you need to do is go to:
    And sign up using the target category of choice.

    A little bit about Endless Visitors:
    Your traffic campaign is comprised of 100% 24HR unique traffic. You have the capabilites, with our targeted advertising campaign, to have visitors come to your website from the United States, or the world, and targeted into several categories such as computers, business, shopping and webmasters.

    We don't use mini-pop-up windows like some companies do, we show your site in a full size pop-under window to maximize your return on your investment. This helps target your website to visitors looking for information such as what you are offering.

    Through your control panel, you can pause your campaign, or set a daily limit to the amount of visitors you want on your site each day. Each visitor is 24 Hour unique, meaning the same visitor won't see your website twice in the same day. Once you order from us, your campaign will generally start within 24 hours of payment, and login details to your control panel will be sent to your e-mail address.

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    Do you have a trial offer for folks like myself who have no experience with tools like this?

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    I can offer you a trial of 1,000 targeted for $3.00

    For this you'll need to contact me directly, as it's not offered on the website.

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    So what if people have popup stoppers will the window still popup? If it doesn't will it still be counted? With the number of people with popup stoppers what assurance can you give that the 10,000 we order isn't really 8,000 cause of blockers?

    I would be much more comfortable using you if you offered a redirect then a popup.
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    If a user has a pop-up blocker, the traffic server script will not execute. This means that you will never get counted off for a visitor using a pop-up blocker since no pop will be displayed to that person.

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    PM Sent.

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