I've both asked at vBulletin.com (Which does not support "Hacks".) and at vBulletin.org (Which is going down hill very fast, which is quite a shame as it puts lower quality on the vBulletin product.)

I have this query for vBulletin 3 that will search for duplicate users that have the same IP address.

SELECT DISTINCT(u.username),u.ipaddress FROM user u, user u2 WHERE (u.userid != u2.userid) AND (u.ipaddress = u2.ipaddress) AND (u.ipaddress != '') ORDER BY u.ipaddress;
Which works fine for a simple search. I would like it more "advanced" and would like some help as I do not know much about MySQL.

I would like it to list the usergroup that the user is in and how many posts the user has. What would I add/modify to the query to get it to do this?