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    Smile PHP/MySQL programmer looking for employment

    I am searching for employment in web development or support over the Internet, but not specifically, if you need help in some other capacity please don't hesitate to PM me as well.

    Please PM or post your contact information for my resume, as I am not allowed to post the URL to my resume due to the fact that I am new here.

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    I am very much busy with a new program. In dire need of more assistance as long as you have the proper php/mysql skills. Contact me as soon as you can by AIM: cpanelsubs.

    Just tried to message you but realized niether you nor I are able to use the PM system here due to a five post minumum requirement.

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    Hello. I am able to employ you, do you have AIM or MSN?

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    Still looking to be employed, a lot of people replied to me but only a few got back to me and apparently not serious.

    If your serious please e-mail for my resume.

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