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    Monitoring Bandwidth (dedicated/iis)

    Need some help. We have about 60 domains on our dedicated Windows 2000 server. All of the sudden, our bandwidth has gone from about 10 GIG's a day to 30 GIG's a day.

    We have Urchin installed on all major domains however it is not reporting anything major - at least compared from before this large increase.

    Is there any system out there that will display to me bandwidth of ALL domains? I have seen some, but their sites do not seem too informative and I am a little cautious installing new apps on our server. Anything reliable?

    Also, not sure, but is there anything such as a bandwidth monitor for emails? We think this might be the problem and I do not think Urchin reports on it.


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    bandwidth and logs


    you may use: -
    great tool that gives you the bandwidth of each domain,
    as well as removing old log files to free space.

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