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    How much for each domain registration with eNom reseller package?

    I have been looking at the eNom domain reseller package. I am finding abit hard to understand how much I have to pay for each domain that I register. Can someone tell me how much it would cost me if I had a reseller package.


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    if you have an $8.95 reseller package.. youll pay 8.95 for the .com .net .org. biz .info .us

    8.95 package <==== free
    7.95 package <==== setup fee's apply
    6.95 package <==== setup fee's apply

    If you let us set you up
    Through Enom is very much higher

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    You can usually pick up an 8.95 account from someone on here for free. Prices for the main gtld's should be 8.95
    but check them by logging into the account.

    When you have a reseller account, first login to your account at the enom site, the go to pricing info under the home menu. You should get a list of all the extensions and the price to register/renew/transfer
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    if you get 8.95 its .*.uk is at $5.95

    if you go for enom directly $8.95 costs 55 prepay domains $495
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