Most people are happy with the filters, but we have those few that arent. I set their domains so that any emails going to them arent filtered. Some still come thru as filtered though....and I still have customers complain about those. I know SA filters that way based on the "to" and "cc" field. I am finding however, that if thei email is in the bcc, it still gets filtered. I am trying to find a way for certain clients to not even go thru the filter, bypass it basically.

For those admins who are having the same problem I am, my latest idea is to have a second virtual mail server running thru a seperate ip that isnt acquired by qmail-inject. Then setup along with Using mail.domain in your pop client program will filter your emails, using maild.domain wont.

For those who have had this problem and figured a better way, please let me know how you did it.

Before you say it, yes I put
[email protected]
and several others to keep their incoming emails from being filtered.....but some still get filtered. Anyone have any ideas??