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    An MX record with 3 seperate IPs - how will it work

    we are looking at a setup of mx records similar to the ones below for our organization


    the twist is (mx 5) has 3 IP addresses which route in through 3 different ISPs

    mx5 Addresses: 3 different Ips

    My question is this - if mail is sent to Mx 5 and one of the 3 IP addresses is down or unavailable - will mail attemp to route through the other 2 ip addresses for Mx 5 or will it bypass the other 2 IPs and go to the next record (Mx 10)?

    Also, are there any articles out there on such a setup? I haven't had any luck yet.


    Mr Moto

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    Greetings: might be of some help.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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