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    need some help from the cpanel guru's

    got a new box setup, everything seems to be working correctly except this

    http://<ip> shows the cpanel "no page here" like normal

    when i add a user, http://<ip>/~user displays page not found, then http://<ip> actually shows the user index.html

    if i add another user, the second user overwrites the page at http://<ip> and still http://<ip>/~user2 is page not found.

    i've been thru the server everywhere and cannot figure this out. accounts are being setup properly to /home/user/public_html, everything seems to create properly.

    any ideas of where to start?

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    nevermind... seems i forgot the trailing / and now it 'seems' to be functioning properly

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    Not 100% sure how to fix your problem as I utilize some techs that do all this for me, but I know this:

    http://<ip>/~user2 MUST BE http://<ip>/~user2/

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    mekhu yep thats what it was thx

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