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    Upgrade kernel error.Please help me

    i use "up2date kernel -i".i have error

    stdin: is not a tty
    stdin: is not a tty
    stdin: is not a tty
    No module aarich found for kernel 2.4.20-30.9
    mkinitrd failed
    error: %post(kernel-2.4.20-30.9) scriptlet failed, exit status 1

    Please help me i don't know what happen.

    i use "Dual XEON 2.4 Ghz + ECC 1 GB + SATA 120 GB + Redhat 9 + CPanel 9.1"

    Please tell me how to step by step

    Thank you so much for your help
    Best Regards

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    First of all you need to grab the SMP kernel for a Dual processor machine. Second, a kernel is not something to be messed with if you don't know what you are doing. Do a search here, there have been howto's and plenty of information posted previously

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