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    Reveiwers And Writers Needed!


    Reveiwers And Writers Are needed for my gaming site

    for thr first approxometley monh and a half there would not be any pay,but in that time if you proove yourself to be good person for the job and after that time the site will become bigger and you will get payed $5 a month

    Please applicate in this thread here then we can talk onwards i also am looking for a Second webmaster who knows alot about gaming to help out with the site etc,

    and we are also looking for a forum admin to run the forums

    my msn messenger is

    [email protected]

    please reply to this thread if you are intrested

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    No offense, but it takes alot of time to review a game of any type, especially new pc games like farcry

    Working your way up to 5 bucks a month doesnt sound like that tempting an offer for anyone, especially for the ammount of dedication required. id rather dig that out of my couch.

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    ok thanks for the reply

    i understand what you mean but im not really sure on the price because someone could do like 5 reviews a motnh and someone else could be 2 so really the price will come down in the end in how much reviews and how good quality they are

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    Would you pay for the games ?

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    Yes, I was thinking that, would the reviewers have to get their own "new" games, or would you sent preview discs or whatever you get from companies etc?

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    I believe most true "gamers" buy their own games. I wouldn't run out and buy any game would have to be one I want the review, article and possible payment would just be a bonus.

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    I didn't mean I wouldn't buy my own games, because I would just be difficult buying one every week :p

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    thank you for all your replies

    If you do not own the game yourself i will se what i can do and if i cant get hold of the game i guess i would just say read about the game,look at screenshots and see waht you really think of the game in that perspective

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