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    Low Cost Web Hosting Down?

    I have an account with and it seems to be down. I can ping my IP there, but my site doesn't show up and e-mail is down. Their main page is also down. Anyone else here host with them?

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    Moved to outages forum.

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    All fine here, maybe they had a server feboot, Low Cost Web Hosting have servers at EV1 and are very reliable

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    Yes, they use EV1 Servers and have had about a 99% uptime for the last six months. The only downside is that they still use PLESK 5 (they offer Cpanel, too).

    That's why I was wondering why they were down. The downtime lasted for about 45 minutes, nothing to get excited about, but I wasn't sure what caused it because I know they had a major hard drive failure in the past.

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