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    Question hould I farm out the online store?

    I've got a dedicated server, with two clients who are selling two items each.

    I suppose I coulud get an SSL, share it w/my clients using the online store's that come default with CPanel.

    But I'm not so keen on sharing the certificate.

    Similarly, they still need to obtain a merchant account, etc... which wouldn't be a problem if their business was selling things, but their selling isn't their primary business ... they're charities ... the items they're selling items such as cook book to help out a struggling family in Ethopia.

    So do I instead direct them to stores w/all the good built-in, such as:

    I'd be interested to hear from individuals with experience on either side of this coin.

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    If there issue is just cost just install a shared server ssl certificate. It will do the trick......
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