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    * New Site Design -

    Just looking for some opinions on this new design

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    really nice. I love all the different colors you used. Nice flash work also.

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    yup, i agree with ^

    Great work!
    Professional look.
    Its nice how you have a different logo on every page.

    [ARRGGHH!!! hit by 90 second rule!!!!!]

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    Nice site/design there. I like how everything is organized.

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    Originally posted by ilyash

    [ARRGGHH!!! hit by 90 second rule!!!!!]
    Tell me about it ..

    Thanks for the kind remarks, the main idea while creating this site was to make sure it did not reminded nobody of anybody else's site .. it was not made with 56K users in target .. we knew it was a little heavy .. but worth it ..

    The flash was done by .. hopefully eventually they will create a webmercial for the site as well, I highly recomend them
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