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    Is there software available to allow clients to update their own website?

    I am a webhosting provider that offers custom web design (templates) through an outside source. I was just wondering if there is any software out there that would allow clients to update their own website from a web based program, and then they would be able to upload the changes to their site?

    This would free up a lot of time for us to continue to concentrate on web hosting.

    Thank you all in advance.

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    You could implement a content management system which would allow them to update the content, without impacting on the design. There are loads out there, from free to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Google is your friend!
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    you could sell them a hosting package that has a custom CMS that comes with it for a more expensive price. that's what we do. we ask them if they will want us to do their maintenance or do it themselves, and if themselves we offer the CMS solution. they usually always opt to get it.
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    Macromedia has their "Contribute" product. See:
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    I would suggest a CMS of some sort.

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    You could use Word Press ( for's a nice CMS. Been using it since last summer, before that I was using b2.

    Good luck!

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    For a web based solution I use Page Publisher by . It is CGI / PERL based and works nicely. Very easy to use and you can set it up so that your clients can't break the design. You can also brand it and market it as your own CMS. It's inexpensive also. 99.00 can't be beat for what it does. They have applications with varied features depending upon how much control you want to give to your clients. You can limit them to adding text to certain areas or give them the ability to upload pictures and change font attributes and even add new pages.

    I have looked at macromedia's contribute, and it looks like a great application. I have no personal experience with it however. The drawback for my clients is that I would then have to support them in using an application at a remote desktop that I have little control over. This is one reason I have found using a web based CMS to work well.

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    I like portals Mambo and Siteframe. They can be customized and all updates are done via the web.
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    We use digilite. Very easy to use!
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    I feel that the Page Publisher recommended by Zoren would be best. A true CMS like PHP/Post Nuke would be overkill for a client, looking for ease of use.

    From our experience, customers need something moreso along the lines of what the free hosting providers like Tripod and Geocities offer.
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  11. #11 sounds like just what your after, especially as it is very template driven for designs, change a site design, layout, graphics but keep all the same content just by uploading a zip file!!

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