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    Method to transfer clients between Cpanel hosts

    Anyone got a good method to recommend ? Will be doing a transfer soon of may around 70 clients, including shared hosting and resellers.

    Would be good to have some advise on it.


    ps: i've did a search already but would like to know more, cheers

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    Simply use the CPanel account transfer function in WHM, very easily done.

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    Dan hit the nail on the head.
    Have you Floble'd today?

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    I'd recommend the root-> root multiple accounts transfer option.

    If you're just switching servers, moving your reseller's information in the /var/cpanel/reseller* files will help A LOT.

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    Not all transfers go smoothly though, and the multiple accounts transfer is what i will definitely avoid as it has lots of bugs. Worst to worst ill manually transfer 1 by 1, but still i expect there to be a couple of accounts that cant be transfered through WHM.

    Also i heard that you can do something to the domain's ttl so that there will be minimum data rollback.... Anyone care to explain on it ?

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    If you have root on both servers, account transfers usually go off quite well. I just did almost a 100 accounts a couple of weeks back without a glitch. Cpanel had improved the code substantially.

    As for the TTL, well basically you set it to a low value (example 15 minutes) and wait a day or two for it to propagate. After the account move, you would then want to update the IPs to point at the new server, and within minutes, it should be picked up on most DNS servers and start forwarding traffic to the new server.
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    I only have root on the server im transferring TO... the one FROM is a reseller account thus ill have to change all account passwords and reassign them... (unless there is an easier method)

    So as for TTL.... do we edit the DNS zone of the hosting domain only ? Lets say all accounts point to ns1/

    I go in and edit ONLY's domain TTL to 15mins ? Of course after the move will have to be changed back to the normal value...

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    Worst to worst ill manually transfer 1 by 1, but still i expect there to be a couple of accounts that cant be transfered through WHM.
    Agreed. In my limited experience moving sites in this way it seems that accounts close to their disk quota limit do not transfer well.

    Presumably this is because cpanel places the compressed file tar into the webspace of the account, and if the tar is greater than the space available it fails. At least that what it looks like.

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    You can use the option "Transferring multiple account from another server" present under WHM ---> Transfer to transfer multiple domains from one server to another.



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