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    Monitor Web Hosts Reviews

    On our web site, we are working on setting up a review system, where end users can write their experience with their current or past web hosting companies.

    Now my questions are:

    1) How do you check the validaty of any good or bad review/s?
    2) Can a web hosting service provider have an objection? (or would *Free Speech* would take care of that objection, agianst such objections?)

    3) How does other web hosting directories deal with the problems that are caused due to review system.

    I am not sure if many other web hosting directories are doing to help in here, however if anyone has any suggestions, they would be much appreciated.


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    1. How indeed? Can anyone say "can of worms"?

    2. Yes they can object. Whether or not you choose to take their objections into account is up to you to decide. For example, AngryCustomer posts a bad review - would your system allow for a rebuttal by the host? "AngryCustomer received a refund and we helped him/her transfer to his/her new provider" - or something like that.

    3. Moderation I'd assume. And a healthy dose of scepticism, maybe?

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