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    * I have a PHP site and I want to easily Edit the PHP

    OK. I have a rating site which has the worst frontpage design. I dont liek the tables the colors and i hate the arrangement. It's all php written on my linux box in which i have root access to. Now.. I have another windows box in which i use because I have dreamweaver and frontpage on it. Now when I try and view the .php files all i see is code so I have no idea how to change the site.

    I bought a template all in html and ijust wanna move it to the new template that I bought.. so basically i'm wondering if there's a way to view the php on the windows server so I kno wha ti'm doing rather than just viewing nothing but code? Please let me know! Thanks!

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    Well, php is a scripting language, so the code generates the page. It seems a bit late to recommend a php template system. It will be very difficult to splice a new template into a php script, unless you can follow the code.
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