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    This website is off the chain. I like it. i did not think that I could find a forum like this. I am a 33 year old male with the same interest as the majority of these members. I think I got something special but I really like to get some input on! He is the hottest NBA athlete right now major promotion deals. I registered the name about a year ago and waited until the hype built up to to see what I could possibly do. Their is a website called looking for 400,000 for their domain name. I am a realistic individual so I got my ears open for some feedback. I am thinking I have an edge because of the address. Once again glad to be a member. Holla back if anybody can help me.

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    t-money, just because the owner of wants $400'000 for the domain doesn't exactly mean its worth that much and out of all fairness I would say its not even worth close to that much. Your domain is good but you did say you are a realistic person and many times people on this forum beleve there domains are worth alot more then they can get.. I've come to the conclusion of how much your domain is worth on the grounds that your domain based on just one person and the fact that your domain is abit on the long side, I mean just think of all the combinations of words you could add to Lerbronjames you can have infinate words, so its not exactly unique either. So $50 and less

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    Sorry, but I think its worth under $20 - its far too long, and not really memorable either. Just my 2cents.
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    Thanx 4 the feedback on that. You're killing me softly but it's a start. ( ) but hey, I purchased it for 35.00 so if you say it is worth possibly $50 dollars. I will look outside the box and say that it is profitable. Does anybody have any know hows if recognizable corporations have any interest in domain names such as sporting corporations to be specific. Appreciate any feedback if you can. Thanks 4 taking that time to reply postmaster. You da man!!!!

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    I'm glad you took it good myfriend... Well to be honest I don't know anyways it all depends on what the corporation needs and that could be absoloutly anything. I suppose any domain they want they would register anyway and if its already gone then they would either find an alturnative or make an offer on yours.... so depends if you are lucky enough to have the domain they want... However don't go registering domains which are trademarks, then offer to sell it them because they will probably end up taking you to court and make you hand it over. But if you register a trade mark name and keep quiet I beleve theres nothing they can do about it since it would have been the companys responsibilty to register the domains they wanted, they can make a case if you were after profit...

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    Thanx 4 the advice, that one was easier to swallow. I guess you can say I am kind of stubborn when it comes to certain situations. I am still optimistic over my domain name but helpful criticism goes along way. When my mind is set on something it is kind of hard to back down and that is not always a good thing. Man, sometimes I feel like I can sell water to a drowning man. I guess it really comes down to supply and demand when you really think about it. I am using these resources as a focus group to jot down some ideas and hopefully give some ideas as well. Thanx again!!!

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    Hey t-money don't let what we say discourage you, I don't appraise domains for a living... But I've been on these forum abit and I've been seeing how much they sell and buy for and my gut feeling just tells me thats the value of your (I over estimated not to make you feel bad), but don't worrie because I regiserted domains that I was convinced were worth a poo load of money only to discover similar and better domains were going for $20 lol..... So I suppose its love to the eye of the beholder... only its not love to the domain market I'm affraid......
    you have to concider afew things to know the value of your domain

    extension (ie .com .net .biz)?
    How recognisable is it and how easy to remember?

    Give each one of these a mark out of 10 if the all come to 10 then your a multi million air.. If they all come to 5 your a 1000 air

    and anthing below will be 100s ans 10s of dollors maybe even 1s
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    What's up postmaster.I understand that. Actually I respect that. I don't like it sugarcoated. In reality the domain name is cheap but my objective is to convince by marketing that this domain name could promote brand identity and so forth. Lebron James is putting money into the economy, much the way Air Jordan himself was and I realize that. He's an household name, okay let me stop trying to convince you. Give me S5,000 now for it and consider it your lucky day. Man, I hope that I can prove you wrong on this one but if I can't, I'll be sure to let you know that you were right. However, If I am right, you and I could catch first row tickets at a Cleveland Caveliers game. By the way I am a Bulls fan but I need to make a stop in Ohio to pay homage to the man who is padding my pockets. Hotdogs and beverage is on me. If I am dreaming, please don't wake me up. I seen a few other good domain names on this forum that has some potential as well. Well hit me up with with a little feedback and if you are interested in buying it and than we can put some skid marks on this topic.

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    thanks for the reply..... Well the domain wouldn't be as interest to me as I'm from the UK so maybe my appraisal might have been byest....

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    these personal name type domains are in the legal grey zone, often disputed and regularly lost. Because you have the mania on the end they probably wouldn't bother, then again it has the dual effect of making the name likely worthless.

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    Thanks snoop

    Appreciate that feedback snoop. I am in the process of checking the legalities to it and making sure to keep my side of the road clean. Trying to turn nothing into something. Later

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