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    Feedback on domain names please!

    I currently own the web/logo design business of

    I am thinking of starting a related reseller hosting business, so I can offer it to my clients as well as sell just hosting. I wanted to make a related website. What do you guys think of

    to go in tandem with the design business? Thanks for the feedback! Any other suggestions would be great....

    (another idea for domain name I had was:

  2. #2 is a bit long imo. kinda like better.
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    Just a suggestion: It's not always wise to post in a public forum, domains that you are interested in as there are some people who would try to profiteer by snapping them up first.

    A better option is to post something that is similar in nature, but not close enough to be guessed.

    I also agree, that the shorter domain sounds better, it also better identifies with your 'brand', which would help with logo design, and advertising.
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    Thanks for the tips and the feedback... !

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    I think GThosting sounds even better and it's also shorter... Just an idea...
    You could of course register them all you know...
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