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    What exactly does a showcase ad consist of? Does it include any homepage coverage such as the text links that follow each showcase category? Is there a limit to the number of advertisers in a showcase? Is the showcase ad the graphical listing or only the text listing at the end of each category page?
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    what are the advantages of your showcase as opposed to an in-house solution? i ask because our programmers develop custom apps to generate the same information, for much less than $128/month.

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    Generate information? This is an advertising opportunity...
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    Our showcase ad consist of banner 120x60 together with text description of your site offers. There is no limit for you to list in our showcase categories. You may choose as many as you wish to list your advertisement.

    The advantages of our hosting showcase ad is for hosting companies to target on pontential buyers for particular hosting categories. As our showcase ad is highly targeted.

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