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    Arrow Designers HELP!

    Hello Designers.

    Right now, our company is sponsering a free year of hosting. If you have web design skills and want to see your work go far and be very rewarding? Then enter our contest! Two lucky designers will receive the following plan below:

    1 GB of Space
    15 GB of Bandwidth
    Free Standard Domain

    We are looking for a complex, yet simplistic design for our main company site. A professional, cutting edge, yet high-tech design will capture our eyes first. Simple Flash navigation can earn your entry extra points.

    We are also seeking a professional and simple design for our news / promotional site. Mainly these sites run off of css and tables. Very simple and effective at the current time. Your entry can form do any degree of styling and coding properties.

    Weather it's a template your wishing to sell again or something custom. All offers are accepted. need more info? contact me @ [email protected]


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    1 GB of Space
    15 GB of Bandwidth
    Free Standard Domain
    How long is this offer for? 1 year?

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    Yes this offer lasts for 12 months. plus a prorate of the current month the work is sent

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    Any chance there could be a cash alternative? I'd think any good designer would already have webspace.

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    Sorry. I am only allowed to give the following. Space, bandwidth, and a free domain

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    Sent you an email daylate.

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    replied riot

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