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    How to monitor user ftp accounts?

    I've bought some webspace of a reseller. I've got WHM and cPanel access and would like to know how I could access hosted domain accounts, to make sure users arn't uploading any illegal material.

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    For illegal material just check if a user is using a lot of bandwidth, if they are, see what is using all that bandwidth and see if it's legal. Otherwise, just wait for a complaint and handle it promptly and you should have no problems. You should not have to investigate every file uploaded, or track every file uploaded.
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    Just make sure your terms and conditions inform the user that they are responsible for all content in their webspace!

    I definitely agree, you can't be responsible for every file uploaded!
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    Ofcourse I agree with whats been said above, however I thought it might be benificial to do some random checks every now and again.

    I know school IT admins do it, to make sure students arn't filling up their space with mp3's and such, just thought it might apply for webhosting as well.

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