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    Of these 2 projectors...

    which one would you choose?

    Considering pricing.... I would mainly be using this as a Home Theater projector... The only differences I see with them is the 300:1 Ratio and the 400:1 Ratio.... which is better? And one is 1024x768 and the other is 800x600...

    what would you say?
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    Id go for the second one, a higher res means better quality on bigger projections. However either way they are a lot of money.

    Id personally go for a 42" Plasma, they are much better and must only be about $1700 nowadays? My father uses a projector for all the England Football matches and F1 races (he has one for work) and I personally much prefer my plasma - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    No... the cheapest 42" plasma i have seen is 2500 bucks...

    but with the higher res... is that for computers only... im talking like hooking this thing to my dvd player and watching movies... presentations from a computer... optional...

    i mean... i would rather watch a movie at the size of 84" as opposed to 42" on a plasma... granted the plasma is a better quality... smaller... more money... and im not yet satisfied with plasma...
    You are unique, just like everyone else.

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    I'd go for this because of XGA. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
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