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    Does vbulletin have migration from phpbb?

    Is there any way to easily migrate from phpbb to vbulletin without loosing any database data?

    Thanks in advance!

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    There are several scripts for this, one of them can be found on the vBulletin website, check their FAQ i think.

    You will lose things like postcounts I believe.

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    Actually, I used vbulletin's import script. At the time I did (a month or two ago) I had to rewrite a couple of sections of the script (the sql selects) as it was looking for the data in the wrong areas. Otherwise it just errored out. May be fixed by now, I don't know.

    Unfortunately I already got rid of the modified version.

    It does lose all postcounts and views. You can get the postcounts back by rebuilding the indexes and such - it's a 1 click operation once the posts are in the new db.

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