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    1and1 domain registration

    Any catch?

    $5.88 per year.

    Choose from

    - FREE! 1 e-mail alias
    - FREE! Auto-responder
    - FREE! Catch-all e-mail address
    - FREE! Full DNS Management
    HQ Max

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    I've never bought from there either but I would like to know people's experiences and stuff also...

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    can't find anything related to 'Transfer'

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    Originally posted by
    can't find anything related to 'Transfer'
    I can.

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    I meant Transfer OUT from 1and1.

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    This is what I got as I went through the order process so it looks like you can.


    * A domain registration period is one year (.com/.net/.org/.info/.name). A domain name must be paid for in full at the beginning of the registration period.
    * Domain name registration fees are not refundable.
    * Paid domain names can be transferred externally anytime, no release fees.
    * An included domain (.com/.net/.org) means the price of this domain is included in the package. The top level domains, .name/.info, cannot be used as included domains.
    * Invoices for domains are created separately from invoices for packages and may take up to 5 weeks from the date of Package Registration to be generated.
    * Domain names are registered to the customer unless otherwise stated.

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    Do they have reseller accounts?

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    EDIT: I was going to say:
    "Don't go with 1and1 - you cant even change the nameservers with them! Go with namecheap - $8.88/year or registerfly. They are much better and have many more features"

    But I just saw "FREE! Full DNS Management"
    Maybe they have changed their features
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    Thank you
    HQ Max

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    Yes you can .. I have 10 domains there.
    The ONLY thing that sucks.. is they have 0 support!
    Alos.. DON't try to transfer a domain TO them.. it is reall pain

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    I have several with them and it seems ok, I tried to transfer one in and it was 60 days later!

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    HQ Max

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    I registered my domain name via

    I didn't really experience any problems with their registration process.

    Tonight, I started the process of trying to point my domain to a different web host. I wanted to try a paid host, and see if my web site loaded any faster.

    Part of my problem, however, is that I have no real experience in changing web hosts and changing domain pointers. I do not find's FAQ's to be overly helpful, primarily because the FAQ does not always match the actual menus.

    Literally, I can't figure out how to just change the DNS settings. When I go in and click the box beside my domain name, the functions that I need to select from that domain are then gray'd out, and it won't let me access them.

    I sent them e-mail just a little while ago, so I don't know when of if they will respond to it.

    When I first started using as a web host, I took advantage of their free 3-year promotional deal, and they responded very swiftly to the first e-mail I sent their support staff.

    Since that time, a few months have gone by, and I have e-mailed their support staff several times, but not a lot. Sometimes, I have gotten a response, and other times I haven't.

    If the only issue is registering a domain name through them, my experience would indicate to me that that shouldn't pose a problem. Changing DNS settings, however, appears to be problematic. I wouldn't rate that aspect of's domain manager very highly. It leaves a lot to be desired, from the standpoint of user friendliness.

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    If the buttons are being grayed out you probably activated WebsiteCreator (disable it before proceeding).

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    Originally posted by aldee
    If the buttons are being grayed out you probably activated WebsiteCreator (disable it before proceeding).
    Well, I did activate Website Creator when I first got the site.

    So, maybe that is the problem. I'll let everyone know.

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    Deactivating the Website Creator appeared to do the trick.

    My DNS settings have been changed by me, and the new primary and secondary name servers have been changed to my new web host.

    I think it may take a while for it to actually go into effect. I think that is normal, though, isn't it? Is the correct term "propogate?"

    I really do appreciate you giving me the heads-up, aldee. It is greatly and most sincerely appreciated.

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    Yes, "propagation" is the correct term and this is perfectly normal.

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