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    Question about making templates for BA, or TM... how does it work?

    I saw the section on BA about how to apply to be a designer. That got me thinking about (or curious about) how they manage designers ("they" could be any template site that uses non-local designers - specifically I was thinking of BA and TM).

    For example...

    1- Do their designers simply make what they want, and then get offered a dollar amount based on the need for that kind of template when it's submitted? or...

    2- Do they (template site) tell them (the designs) they are looking for "this week"? "this month"?

    3- Do designers get payed by template submitted?

    Anyway, you get the idea - I'm just really curious about the process involved between a Template site's needs and getting them fulfilled through their designers (in the event that they are not local - aka, are not sitting in the same office).

    I hope that's clear enough.

    And for those not familiar with them...

    BA =

    TM =

    (I'm sure everyone here knows that, but just incase)
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    You should probably contact BA and TM and ask them the very same thing you posted - they would certainly be able to provide you with all the facts you're looking for, and perhaps a few tips.
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