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    Question Looking to locate a server

    I'm looking for a data center with a good reputation.

    Anywhere on the east coats metropolitan area would be great (New York, New Jersey, Philly, Boston, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Baltimore). I can also go for central metropolitan areas (Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland). I prefer to stay away from the west coats because it's too far. Southern areas would be getting a little far too.

    I need small rack space but substantial bandwidth. Anywhere from 10 to 40 MBPS.

    Can I also price range I'd be looking at. I was thinking anywhere from $200 - $500 per month but I may be way off.

    Recommendations greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,

    Brad Meyers

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    bandwidth usaully goes from $40-150/mbps depending on the commitment and quality. hope that helps. You may want to look at

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    i dont know where your gonna find space and 10-40mbps for only $500..

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    A 10 Meg Unmetered Port I could see it's possible.

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    Check out NAC, I'm not 100% sure that they can accomodate your price (they may) but as far as reputation goes, they're a fine company. Peer1 is also great, we colo at their facility, but I'm sure they'll not fit your price range.
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    I'm currently looking at a few companies in Saint Louis, Missouri:

    Xiolink (
    Cybercon (

    Both are fairly pricey, but appear to have good networks and offer 100% network uptime SLAs.

    Another I know of is ( which, I believe, is a Level(3) reseller and in the same facility as Cybercon.

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    Do you want that sustained or are you looking to just burst and not have to deal with 95% pricing?

    Your sustained rate is going to be more influential in anyone's pricing. Most hosts can negiciate if you are going to really be living in the 10mbs range all the time.
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