I have tried several places including

and CALHost

To start staminus was great but I cant host my sites there anymore due to a personal reason, me and toro (matt) are good friends but its a long story.. for CALHost I signed up, they were a reseller of staminus i found out a minute after i sent the money and i asked for a refund and they only sent 3/4 of it back to me, kind of sad I thought. anyway, XLHost, well I wont get into that right now..

Anyway I am looking to open a small shell provider and I need a IRC dedicated box with lots of ip addresses, i seen many places like 15 ips and stuff, but i need like dozens for virtual hosts and stuff for bnc/psybnc.

Does anyone recommend a good irc dedicated box for $99-150 a month that comes with good bandwidth (400 GB a month at least), good ddos protection, and lots of ip addresses?

Thanks guys im sure you can list a few providers. i know evreyone recommends fdc servers but im just looking for something else, staminus was the best so far.. somthing similar tot hem would be good as long as not a reseller.. control over ips would be good to, or at least a place i can ask for reversals.

Thanks guys reply!