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    Hosting Company For Sale.


    We may be interested in selling our hosting company. Our company opened on December 1st 2003. And we are currently running advertisments on a number of sites.

    This would be a total sale of the entire company. Including the following.

    (2) Domain Names (.com/.net) (with SSL Cert.)
    (2) Custom Website designs
    (1) WHMautoPilot Owned License
    (1) PerlDesk License
    (1) Owned Vbulletin License
    (1) Merchant Account (Very Low Rates)

    Below is a break down of our clients:

    30-Day Records: 13 ($135.35USD)
    90-Day Records: 6 ($134.30USD)
    180-Day Records: 5 ($153.75USD)
    Total Records: 24 ($2468.90 USD)

    All of our clients are one dedicated server from Servermatrix which would also be included in this sale. Below are the specs on the server.

    P4 2.4Ghz, 786Mb Ram, Cpanel/WHM, RedHat 9. ($103/month)

    Clients use 6.5GB of space (Including OS/Cpanel) and use about 47GB of bandwidth per month.

    Below are some Figures which will help you decided on a bid price.

    Server 1 - Zeus
    Server Location: ServerMatrix

    Estimated Income:
    --> $135.35 USD Billing Monthly
    --> $134.30 USD Billing Quarterly
    --> $153.75 USD Billing Semi-Annually

    Server Cost Per Month: $103.00 USD
    Annual Revenue: $2468.90 USD

    Annual Profit: $1232.90 USD
    Monthly Profit Earned: $102.74 USD

    Feel free to contact us at [email protected] Or reply to this thread. You will not be able to PM me as i do not have enough posts.

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    Contact me if you want to sell the Owned VB License seperately
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    I will bid $350 for the customers and server. I dont need / want AutoPilot, PerlDesk or vBullitin.

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    Everyone who has sent me an e-mail, i have responded.

    Nothing has been agreed upon yet, so if you are still interested send me an e-mail.

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    Perldesk can't be transfered without the developper's written consent. You might want to check with them if the license in under your name (and not your company's..).


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    Hello, Prime. we are aware of all of the license sales and we would work that out before the sale is completed.

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    I've contacted you just about the clients, please respond asap.

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    I have emailed you and I await a response. We are interested in the clients. We don't need any of the licenses.
    Lee W.

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    Hello, Thank you everyone for your inquires. I am responding to everyones e-mails right now.

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    An Update for everyone!

    Below is a breakdown of when the Quarterly and Semi-Anuanally clients are due for payment again.

    90 Day:

    180 Day:

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    I'm interested. I have sent you an email.

    Derrick Lee Bradshaw, Sr.
    CEO Bradshaw Consulting Inc.

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    What is the breakdown of the plans?

    Also, what is the bidding currently at?

    BTW, You can now receive PM's.

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    I would also like to know the current bidding ?


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    I bid $100 for the clients.
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    How much for the vB owned license?

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    Him being offline is very difficult.

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    Please contact me at webmaster [at]

    Very interested in your clients

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    I'm interested in the entire company with whatever lisences can be transfered. I just emailed you. Please contact zach(at)

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    I'm also interested in the buyout of your company, please contact us at info(at) and give us additional info.

    Thanks alot

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    Hello, Everyone. I am replying to all your e-mails right now. Anyone who is still interested please know we are in the $xxxx price range. Just though i would put that out there so i do not get any more offers for $100 and such.

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    If its gone over 1000's dollars then I guess I'm out of the picture Good luck!

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    I have replied to everyones e-mails so far. Thank you everyone for the interested. Rember we are only intertaining bids in the $xxxx price range.

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    What is the current High bid?
    Derrick Lee Bradshaw, Sr.
    CEO Bradshaw Consulting Inc.

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    I'm very interested in everything but the server please let me know if this isn't sold yet. and what is the highest bid so far
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    im interested, please let me know how much the bidding is up to
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    Ill buy the clients, $500

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