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    PureHost - beware and stay away

    They are trying to spam me in, to signing up with them ... how ironic!


    Dear -----,

    As AppSite Hosting/VeriCenter informed you earlier this week, your account will be migrated to the PureHost platform later this month.

    Our team is looking forward to working with you! The transition to PureHost will provide you with access to a platform developed specifically for shared hosting— and a team that specializes in supporting the unique needs of customers who have chosen a shared environment.

    You will enjoy outstanding service and reliability, along with access to great tools and site-management applications, once the migration is complete.

    Of course, there will be some changes in the way you manage your account, and we will need your help to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform.

    You will receive another e-mail in the next week or so letting you know when your site will be migrated. Please keep an eye out for this message!

    In the meantime, we’ve outlined a few things you can do to prepare your account for the transition. Please review the list below carefully. While you will not need to do anything to move your site to the new platform, you will be asked to test your site and e-mail services once the migration is complete.

    You may be wondering a bit about PureHost! We’ve been delivering shared hosting services to more than 45,000 customers through a number of different Web sites for seven years now. Our offices are located in Burlington, MA, just a few miles north of Boston.

    Over time, we’ve developed a powerful, redundant, shared architecture that ensures outstanding uptime and performance. We’ve also developed innovative tools to help our customers manage their accounts more efficiently. And, all of our customers have access to a team of experienced support professionals who are committed to consistently improving service levels and customer satisfaction.

    As strategic partners, both the AppSite Hosting and PureHost teams are committed to making this migration as smooth as possible. We will continue to work together to provide you with the best service possible.

    Again, we look forward to working with you. If you have any questions about the migration, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

    Best wishes,
    The PureHost Team


    Our team will be responsible for moving your Web and e-mails files and settings to the PureHost platform. You will not need to do anything to migrate your account. However, we do need you to prepare your account for the migration by taking the following steps.

    1. You may need to update your domain name server.
    All domains will need to be moved from the DellHost/AppSite Hosting domain name servers to the domain name servers listed below prior to April 1.

    AppSite Hosting will be able to make this change for most customers. However, if you’ve received a message from AppSite Hosting asking you to change domain name servers through your registrar, you must do so immediately.

    Please note: the domain name servers listed below currently work for the AppSite Hosting platform. If you received a message from AppSite Hosting asking you to initiate the domain name server change, please do so today.

    If you are not sure whether you need to make this change, please contact the AppSite Hosting team at [email protected]

    Domain Name Servers for the Windows platform...

    Primary Server Host Name:

    Primary Server Net Address:

    Secondary Server Host Name:

    Secondary Server Net Address:
    Domain Name Servers for the Unix platform...

    Primary Server Host Name:

    Primary Server Net Address:

    Secondary Server Host Name:

    Secondary Server Net Address:

    2. Restrict Site Edits after 3/20.
    You will receive an e-mail letting you know when your account has been migrated to the new platform. Please avoid making changes to Web files or settings between Saturday, March 20 and that migration date. We cannot guarantee that updates made during these times will be captured on the new platform.

    If you must make changes during this period, we encourage you to store copies of the updated files on your computer or local network in case the latest versions of your files are not migrated to the new platform.

    3. Update E-Mail Settings.
    a.) To prevent our messages from getting caught in Spam filters, please add the following addresses to your e-mail contact list: [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected].

    b.) Take a few minutes to clean up your e-mail account and POP boxes. Delete any unused POP boxes, along with older messages and SPAM. This will help speed the migration of your e-mail files.

    c.) Please do NOT save your e-mail to the server. If you have previously used the “save on server” settings, you should download all e-mail messages and change your settings to download messages automatically.

    If you need assistance or have questions, please feel free to contact our Support Team at [email protected].
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    I received the same message on my AOL account.

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    The worst host ever: PureHost

    I am one of the Dell customers forced to move from DellHost to AppSiteHosting and then to PureHost.

    What an awful experience:
    1) When you call, they tell you fill in the online support form
    2) You support emails are given a tracking number, but you can not receive any solution for most of your support questions
    3) It will take you about 30 minutes hold to connect a rep.
    4) Your web pages are actually cashed. If you FTP anything, it will take anyting from half an hour to 24 hours to be posted. This is unacceptable.
    5) Your emails may be get lost if you dont reconfigure again.
    6) They have something like domain credit. You have to pay 1 domain credit to transfer your domain to PureHost and you have to pay another domain credit to re-new 1 more year. Ridiculus.
    7) For refunds you need to send an email, and you should feel lucky if you get a response within 3 days.
    8) When you browse your uploaded pages, if will pop up windows permission screen and tells you you have not permission to view your pages. ?????
    9) They charge very high prices considering the features they have.
    10) If you have more than 1 domains to point to same web site, i can say just one thing: Good Luck.
    11) They will make you look like this:

    I have one recommendation for you if you are still in PureHost:

    Avoid Purehost and look somewhere else for you hosting needs.
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    * Purehost experience

    I was also a dellhost customer (since 2000) recently 'migrated' to purehost. It has been a total nightmare.

    I was unable to get my site working properly - response times were badly degraded and four times an hour at exactly the same time, end users saw an ugly 'Service Unavailable' message.

    Purehost technical support responded "As mentioned to you earlier the servers refreshes four times every hour. The servers reloads on the :00, :15, :30, and :45 of every hour. This is the time when you get those errors. Unfortunately there is no way around it."

    I have transferred to another hosting provider and would advise anyone else in the same situation to do the same.

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    HostOne, that is the most detailed list of reasons for not liking a host that I have ever seen. It's nice to see that you took the time to list everything that was upsetting to you, instead of giving a simple "they suck!". I wish more people would do this when giving bad reviews about their hosts. It's kind of hard sometimes to figure out if the host is really bad, or if it was just a one-time bad experience.
    Take care,
    Brad Birmingham

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    PureHost IP is in SPEWS - Be aware

    Here are some more reasons why should you avoid Purehost:

    1) I started getting so many junk (spam) emails from Purehost domains. The emails send to non-existing users at my domain names. This was wierd, because Purehost forwards all those junk emails to the domain owner's email.

    2) I learned that PureHost is a home for spammers. Purehost IP numbers are listed in SPEWS (Spam Prevention Early Warning System) and blacklisted so many places.

    3) Your email address will soon be flooded with junk and your email access via SMTP will be in jeopardy.

    Once again Avoid Purehost by all means.

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    Mental note to self: "Avoid purehost by all means."

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    The 6 rules in a hosting business

    Please read this article about the PureHost facts, learn why you should avoid Purehost, and the 6 rules of customers in a hosting business:

    Never Take the Customer for Granted

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    It seems like there are a lot of hosts out there that do exactly that -- take customers for granted. I'm sure they make a lot more money with high turnover anyway...


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    lol, i know what you mean dargonian.

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    Are there any clients that have anything good to say about this host or do all clients there feel this way?
    Just wonderiing?
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    I was also a Dell orphan adopted by Purehost The caching problem was a big issue for me as I wanted to make updates and test right away, not 15 minutes or 2 hours later. I am currently looking for a new webhost.

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    Thats messed up Sorry to hear about your experiences....hope things work out for you guys...

    Good Luck

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    i would like to add typehosting to these bad experiences i had posted here before what they had done to me, anyhow.
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