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    Another Story ?

    Well, i've looked around, it seems like dedicated, although VDS may still be possible, any ideas ? >>>

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    any ideas ? >>>
    Huh? Are you asking if managed is better than AIT? Two suggestions:


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    Dont understand your title but if I were you, I dont go with or aitcom. Too many complains. Try other providers. Also, you should know what you need first, then contact with some providers......

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    Originally posted by Rahil
    Huh? Are you asking if managed is better than AIT? Two suggestions:

    Site doesnt work

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    I already have problems with aitcom at second day of thier service.

    1. Slow customer support time.
    2. If you are a self manage sever, and you can not fix remotely, they force you to join support plan $69.95 per month, plus $50 per hour. There is not such thing hand free hosting server, and they dont offer per incident fee like other hosting, so what the point of self-manange server ?
    3. When I call for cacellation, I only hear the voice mail, and no one response in a reasonable time frame.
    4. Raise my righ hand side, and under the oath. All above is the truth .

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    DJ Plasma is looking for VDS at the price of a server
    AITSUCKS.COM/AITSUCKS.NET is designed, hosted, and maintained by a former AIT customer that - after years of horrid service and unbelievable billing errors - finally wised up and cancelled in January, 2002.
    That's very old story. They might have improved meanwhile. :-)
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