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    Directi Java API Intergration : Im having trouble.

    Ok, I downloaded the 6.1 java kit. The kit (supposedly) includes all the files I need to upload to my server to use API in my web site. Now after I'm done extracting the files, the API guide says

    " The Ant target to build the examples is "build". If you do not want to use Ant, you can just compile the files in the examples_source folder. You will need to include the jar files provided in the lib folder while compiling the classes." "

    Now, I have no idea what they are talking about. I need some help understanding what files I need to upload and where they are supposed to be uploaded to, needless to say directi is slow to answer support questions. The documentation directi has included is so advanced to the average newbie thats it's nearly impossible for me to comprehend. Help plz.


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    I'm not familiar with what Directi is but ant is a build tool similar in concept to make. You can download it from If there is a file named build.xml then you already have what you need for ant - just add the ant executable on your path (ANT_HOME/bin), change directory to the same directory that the build.xml file is and, based on your quote, type "ant build".

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