I am 24 years old, and live in the US.

My skillset includes:

My program knowledge includes:
Flash MX

I also have experience administaring Apache servers on Linux OSs, along with CPanel and WHM experience.

I am looking for either small to mediium sized projects. I have very good knowledge of incorporating server-side scripting language of PHP with MySQL and flatfiles to create dynamically created pages. I have experience in dynamic image generation as well. I have built login-style member control panel for sites, and can do the basics of CMS's, i.e., guestbooks, sub-forums, news, calendars, etc.

Anything needed graphically, or animated, can be done as well. If the project has those needs, and I am unable to fulfill them, I do have sources that would allow to not encounter a 'speedbump' or hurdle in your project.

I am only looking for projects that are from the US. I also hold no preference of a one-time-job, to a reoccuring source of projects.

Also, if the need be, I admin my own server, and any projects that would require hosting can be discussed as well.

Smaller things that I can do, and have knowledge of, are code optimization, database optimization, seo, content editing for search engines, coding structure evaluations, and more.

You can contact me at the following email, or using the following aim:

email:[email protected]

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to talking with you soon,