What? Unsupported webhosting? Yes! For those who don't need the extra support that we provide under our main domain name, we opened up a new 'branch': http://www.tronictech.com/

What's included? A boatload of bandwidth, a ton of disk space, quality server management, and the very minimal support listed here: http://tronictech.com/support.html Nothing more, and nothing less. The disk space and bandwidth is excess bandwidth and disk space on various servers, that we're offering up at a low cost for the WHT market. Since these are *excess* prices, the plans can dissapear, reappear and change based on what's available at the current time.

*Current* Plans available include
reseller plans like TronicReseller 1:

Monthly Price: $19.95
Setup Fee: $0.00
Dedicated IPs: 2 Dedicated IP addresses
Disk Space: 3 GB of Disk Space
Domain Names: Unmetered Domain Names
Email Boxes: Unmetered Email Boxes
Email Forwarding: Unmetered Email Forwards
Offsite File Backups
FTP Users: Unmetered FTP Users
MySql Databases: Unmetered MySql Databases
Nameservers: NS1 and NS2.YOURDOMAIN.COM
Subdomains: Unmetered Subdomains
Web Traffic 50 GB of Web Traffic

We also have dedicated storage-only plans, as well as non-reseller accounts at this page.

Interested? Check out the site at http://www.tronictech.com
Rather have support with your webhosting? Check out http://www.ion-web.com

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me any time.

Best Regards,