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    Gaming Server, Northeastern US, Dedicated Windows

    Looking to run a Unreal 2004 gaming server, this is mainly all the server will do. I am using one now in Texas, but the pings are a bit high for us in New York and surrounding area.

    Can anyone suggest a good company in the Northeastern US I can get a dedicated box from that you have experience with? I have read some threads and looked at some hosting companies and dont see anything impressive yet and am hoping someone can pass along a reliable company in this neck of the woods. Need around a 2.4 gig, 512 megs, Windows 2003.

    Thanks in advance for anything you can suggest based on experience or other sites mentioned here that have a good rep!

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    check out
    reliable, low latency and of course affordable!
    I think they offer some speed tests too, I am sure you will get low latency using their network.

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    Try They're in New York.

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    The most qualified lead would be -- they are in NYC.

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