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    PHP/MySQL Programmer (Looking for Work)

    I am a php/mysql programmer looking for work. is a site that I have completely developed myself over the years. It is more a personal site than a business site. is a site that my company opened up just a month back. I did 90% the php/mysql programming for it. The other team members did the javascript, graphics, and so forth. is another site that is just finished within this week. I did over 60% of the php/mysql scripting for it and also integrated our system into invisionboards.

    If you have a small or large project that needs a programming that does php/mysql post a message or contact me at the information below.

    aol: aerospace85
    yahoo: syphic_dot_com
    email: david [at]

    If you are in need of graphics as well I have the contacts and capabilities to have them setup and done as well.

    Thank you

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    I could use a bit of a hand for a while. I've got more than I can do at the moment. Contact me if your needing some temporary work.

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