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    Question Advice needed

    I have had HUGE problems with my host, and would just like some advice really!

    As they are not providing the service for which I have paid (I can not send any email through their servers, and the hosting is down for half a day every other day, when it's u it's very slow), is it possible for me to complain to anybody, or receive any sort of refund (you're probably all laughing at this )

    Any sort of advice would be great!

    Thanks for your time and help with this!

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    Firstly I suggest that you leave your host as soon as you can. Secondly see if your host has a money back policy or a refund policy and go from there.

    Well good luck
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    Hi Howard,

    Yes, I would try best to complain to them!
    Are you familiar with their terms of service? I hope so.
    Review those and see if you are within a money back guarantee period.
    Do they have a phone contact you could use if all other means of contact has failed?
    As a last resort, if you paid by CC you can do a chargeback for services not rendered.
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    If I do do a chargeback via my credit card company, what are the hosts likely to do. For the sake of 40 I don't want to be taken to court etc..........

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    1stly i would as many have said cancell your hosting out if theyre not doing the biz why pay them more as many have said theres plenty more hosts out there.

    2ndly no sure if i can say this but im sure i will be told if i cant i think you should name and shame them to stop other people making the same mistake.

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    Folks, let's keep in mind of a few things...

    First and foremost, a chargeback should be the LAST resort, NOT the first one. I don't think ANY of you realize just how dang much it costs us hosts for a chargeback to happen. Prices range anywhere from $25 to over $100 PER CHARGEBACK! NOT cool. This is EXACTLY why we say that a chargeback should be the LAST resort.

    Second of all, as far as not being able to send emails, there could be a couple other factors in play here...

    Some hosts require that you use SMTP authentication on your email program to send outbound mail. I know that I do it with my customers. Please check with your host on this, first, and see what they say about that.

    The OTHER issue is that more and more ISP's are starting to block people from sending mail out on any mail server other than their own. This helps hosts be responsible for spammers. If someone gets reported for spamming, and their host has this control enabled, bam, said customer is GONE. You will need to check with your ISP to see if they prevent external mail servers from being used. Yes, I have a few customers who's ISP's are like that, and I've encountered that problem myself when I was provisioning DSL services for Genuity. It can and DOES happen.

    ::grunts at all the people advocating chargebacks right away::
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    Take a look at their whois information for any additional contact information (phone numbers, addresses). Do they post here or at another forum you go to? You could try contacting them via that method as well.

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    Originally posted by howdj
    If I do do a chargeback via my credit card company, what are the hosts likely to do. For the sake of 40 I don't want to be taken to court etc..........
    Hello Howard,

    I would like to ask you, when you paid, did you Paid via PayPal?, I would leave as soon as you can to a New Host. BTW; Would you be so kind to post the URL of host we're reffering to? So, it will be left for further refference. If you could provide more details I could help you. We can figure out what payment system did you used and I could recommend you what to do in that case. Feel free to send me an eMail.

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    P.S. I disagree with the 5 posts posting URL poplicy, I have to type this reply out again as a result so I'll simplify it.

    I paid via paypal for a whole year, believe me, I won't be resubscribing

    I have sent 11 support emails, all I get abck is excuses, and when I did get steps to follow, they still didn't work, believe me, I have tried EVERYTHING to try and get in touch with them, I just get lies.

    The host is 1t3_dot_com (I'm not sure what type or URL is disallowed for me to post).

    Any further help would be great!

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    IMHO, the only thing you are to do now is to read attentively their terms and decide what you can do according this terms.
    Good luck

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    I don't know if you can get your money back but you can:

    1. Treat this as a lesson and do your research before you go for another host next time. And if you paid by the year, don't next time.

    2. Post round here, ruin their reputation, tell the world not to go with them next time and hopefully no one follows your footsteps.
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