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    Template Needed Will Give Domains For A Template

    I would like to have a gaming layout. lite style with colors based on white,grey and silver if possible or if its easier a dark based one but still a lite feel to it it has to be based on gaming

    the domains i have are

    please post if you are intested


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    yeah looks good i like it do i get psd's etc and what domains do you want

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    anyone else?

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    well i want to see if i can sell these off...
    so u mite have to wait a while...
    if not i'll give it to u
    and i dunno if u own those domains,
    the names are all different when i did a whois lookup
    and yes u get the:
    sliced images
    and html
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    they are mine i bought them yesterday.

    and np with me i added u to my msn messenger

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